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mydesignevents.com sales conditions

mydesignevents.com is a brand of MYDESIGNEVENTS Ltd

MYDESIGNEVENTS Ltd is based in London
Lincoln House
30 Hosborn St , WV1V7JH
+ 44 141 416 1511
info @ mydesignevents.com

In order for a reservation to be confirmed, the déposit in and the booking fee must be paid:
The reservation deposit corresponds to:
- A minimum of 10% of the total cost to 30 % depending the hotels or service choosen.
- Between 5% to 15% of the total cost for when you use the service of MYDESIGNEVENTS with a minimum of 19 euros. All services must be paid in full a minimum of 30 days before the starting date of the travel arrangements; any reservation made less than 30 days before the starting date will be subject to immediate payment in full. MYDESIGNEVENTS' commitment is considered definitive once a receipt has been sent to confirm the reservation.
Payments may be made by credit card (visa or mastercard), check in euro currency or bank transfer.
- Housing and seminars
Our rates are quoted per night and per person, all taxes included.

- Currency:

The transaction is made in Euros or British Pounds
- Transportation
MYDESIGNEVENTS will provide a quotation for transportation costs when a reservation is requested. Transportation fees are to be paid directly to ou Partner.
- Optional Services
The rates quoted for housing do not include the cost of any additional optional services that may be requested on site.
Meals and all other personal expenses are not included, unless otherwise stated.
Please notify us prior to departure should you expect to have any special needs on your date of arrival.
Meals and all other personal expenses are not included, unless otherwise stated.
Should you wish to travel with pets, please enquire about the possibility of doing so before your departure. Meals and all other personal expenses are not included, unless otherwise stated.
A list of House Rules are posted in each establishment. Our guests are asked to become acquainted with these instructions and to respect them. Many problems can be avoided by some simple precautions: closing the windows before leaving your hotel room or apartment, locking your door behind you, etc.
MYDESIGNEVENTS cannot be held responsible for the loss of any personal effects left behind in a guest's hotel room or apartment upon departure.
- Housing
Modifications: within the limits of availability, we will try to accommodate any modification to the travel dates, type of housing or travel destination.
If, after modification, the value of the travel arrangements is inferior to the original arrangements, the guest will be charged a flat fee of 50 euros.
Cancellations: all cancellations must be made by registered letter or by fax or email. The date of cancellation, for the determination of any applicable cancellation fees, is the date the notification is received. Cancellation fees are applied on a pro rata basis as follows:
- For any cancellation , a minimum of 50 € is charged ,
- 72 days or less prior to the starting date of travel and no show: 1 night debited + 50 €
- Transportation
Modifications: any modification of the travel dates, if allowable, will give rise to a fee that varies depending on the date at which the modification is requested and the conditions issued at the moment of reservation.
Cancellations: a cancellation fee of 50 € will be applied that varies depending on the date at which the cancellation is requested and the conditions issued at the moment of reservation.
No shows: 1 night debited and 50 € , with no refund possible.
As a cancellation may be necessary due to a cause beyond a guest's control, we advice all guests to take a personal insurance. The insurance premium must be paid in its totality at the moment of reservation and can in no circumstance be reimbursed.

A premature departure is not grounds for reimbursement. specially when the pre-payment is due prior arrival, ( apartment, or special rate ) there are no reimbursement.
There is always the possibility that circumstances beyond our control could force us to modify our offers, either partially or in their entirety. In the case of travel arrangements that include transportation, the travel details we provide (schedule, itinerary, type of train, airplane, or boat) are subject to change. Delays are sometimes unavoidable (due to traffic, strikes, weather conditions), and guests will be notified of any such problems as soon as possible.
Our team is available to respond to your grievances, resolve any problems that may arise and provide the support necessary to ensure that you fully benefit from your vacation. You are therefore encouraged to contact us, without hesitation. Any complaints made after travel has terminated must be addressed, by registered mail, to the following address: 21 Dartmouth St, Westminister, W1D1NT London - United Kingdon. Please note that all complaints should be made as soon as possible so as to ensure that the problem can be resolved in your best interests. When sending a complaint, please provide the following details: the name of the person under which the reservation was made, the reservation number, the destination and dates of travel as well as the type of housing or room type reserved. Any documentation (from the website or personal documents) that may help with the treatment of claims would also be greatly appreciated.
By placing a reservation for any of our services, acceptance of our general and particular conditions of sales is implied. Additional information on our services is available from your contact. Please note, however, that all information concerning accommodations (directional orientation, etc.) is provided for information only and does not constitute a contractual guguarantee. Information concerning athletic activities, as well as descriptions of their locations, is transmitted to us by our correspondents located on site and is also provided for information only. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this information, should any changes occur before your visit. For additional information concerning the available activities, please contact directly the establishments concerned. As our catalogue is prepared in advance, we ask that you confirm any criteria that may motivate your choice of travel plans with the team members of MYDESIGNEVENTS: dates of availability, activities or services offered, etc.
Please note that MYDESIGNEVENTS acts as an intermediary between clients and various accommodation providers. Therefore, MYDESIGNEVENTS cannot be held responsible in case of loss, theft or damage of personal effects in the establishments, whether it be in a hotel room, apartment, parking lot or commons areas (storage areas, etc.).
We would like to remind you that guests are solely responsible for ensuring they are covered by an adequate insurance policy during their stay.
The exchange rates indicated on the website are compiled from various sources and are not necessarily updated on a daily basis. It is advisable to verify the exact exchange rate applicable at the date of reservation.
All rights relative to the intellectual property of the website's contents are the property of MYDESIGNEVENTS or its partners. The names MYDESIGNEVENTS as well as all other brands, logos and representations of these brands which figure on the website are registered trademarks. Any use of these trademarks is subject to the express authorization of MYDESIGNEVENTS .
MYDESIGNEVENTS reserves the right to modify or to update the present Terms and Conditions of Sales, at any moment and without notification. The applicable version of the sales conditions is posted on the website as of the date at which any modification goes into effect.
The website describes all the services offered by MYDESIGNEVENTS Ltd. is based at: London, Lincoln House, 30 Hosborn St , WV1V7JH. The website may contain hyperlinks towards other websites owned and operated by third parties. MYDESIGNEVENTS cannot be held responsible for the content of such websites administered by third parties
In accordance with the law , the information you provide is voluntary, and you have the right to access and to rectify the information which concerns you. Unless you request otherwise, MYDESIGNEVENTS may provide your personal details to third party companies as necessary to provide the services you purchase.
MYDESIGNEVENTS cannot be held liable in the event that it be impossible to respect one of the obligations established by the present conditions of sale should this be due to a cause beyond its control, i.e. an unforeseeable event for which MYDESIGNEVENTS is not responsible and which makes it either impossible or more expensive for MYDESIGNEVENTS to fulfil its obligations. Notably, events which shall be considered as such include: orders made by public authorities, war, demonstrations, floods, accidents, storms, strikes, foreclosures, terrorist attacks, and social movements affecting MYDESIGNEVENTS' service providers.

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